straight to the point information guidelines

.::I  T  N  O  A::.

Here are the guidelines that every author of this blog should try to follow:

Straight to the point information:

get in, get out style. this place is not for tutorials. it is meant for people who know what they’re doing, but need fast information on a topic they aren’t fully aware of.

Be as clear as possible:

if it is linked to the post, please elaborate enough so that the message gets across. just remember that it should be linked to the topic of the post. use good sentence composition and try not to complicate things more then they have to be.

Let another author read it first:

If this is your first time at Zapped point, let other well-established authors review your work first. this might give you a chance to improve your article before it is published.

Make the article as readable as possible

use bulleted lists, paddings, tables, and so on to present your article in the most readable layout possible.

Avoid long posts

unless necessary, try to avoid extremely long posts. after all the term “zap” is there for a reason.

Please write in a formal fashion

“sup” and “kay” are not the way to go. also smiles are not recommended. and kindly check your spelling before posting.

Don’t create categories

use the categories that are already available. if there isn’t a category for your post, discuss it with us and we’ll see what we can do.

If you are experinced in a field and believe others might benifeit from it, join us. to join, email me @ gmail. that’s it for now, enjoy Zappedpoint.


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